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Life-Giving Forgiveness

Jun 9, 2024    Steve Davis

Specific songs take over the radio each summer to be declared the “song of the summer!” In 1964, the Beach Boys hit “I Get Around” was the song people were listening to by the pool. In 1982, it was “Eye of the Tiger.” TLC’s “Waterfalls” was a big hit in 1995. Harry Styles’ song, “As It Was” was huge in 2022. Who will hold the title this year? What these songs have in common is that they all cause us to get up and sing and dance. 


The book of Psalms was originally titled Tehillim, which means “praise songs” in Hebrew? The English title of “Psalms” originated from the Greek title “Psalmoi,” also meaning “Songs of Praise.”  Many of the Psalms were poems written to music and became songs for the soul.


This summer we are going to unpack the truth, hope, and purpose that God desires for our lives from the Psalms. Join us each Sunday in June and July!