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Upside Down

Feb 25, 2024    Steve Davis

Most people have someone they look up to or want to be like. It might be a family member, a mentor, a sports star, a celebrity, or an individual that has achieved success in their line of work. In the 80’s and 90’s many wanted to be “like Mike.” Today, your daughter might want to be like Taylor Swift or you might want to make money like Elon Musk. It’s natural for us to want to be like someone.

During the first 90 Days of this New Year leading up to Easter, we invite you to join us in a journey through the book of Mark as we discover how to live and love like Jesus. He calls us to be “Like Him” and experience a life full of love, adventure, and purpose that will outlast our own lives. Beginning Sunday, January 7, and culminating on Easter Sunday, March 31, we will explore and discover what it means to live a life “LIKE HIM.”