I LOVE music. Every Friday I always listen to Spotify’s “New Music Friday Christian” playlist to
hear the latest worship music. I love hearing new melodies, lyrics and even a new band I may
not have been familiar with. This past week, I heard a lyric that caught me off guard. It’s a
concept that we don’t hear often in a song.

The line said,
“I am good,
You say I’m good.”

What this lyric refers to is the scene in the Garden of Eden where God created Man.
God made the oceans, the animals and even night and day. He then created humanity. After all
he created, God speaks special words for our soul.

“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.”
Genesis 1:31

The reason we are GOOD is because we are made in His Image. He pieced each one of us
together in our mother’s womb. He designed each detail of our personality. And some of us
need to hear that God looks at us today and says,” YOU ARE GOOD.” You are NOT what you
do. You are who your Creator says you are. If our own level of goodness depended on our own
actions, we all would fail.

It’s not about what you think of yourself or what someone else thinks of you. God says you are
GOOD and that is enough. I believe when each one of us lives out of this calling, we truly begin
to look more like Jesus and to embody the image of who He is.

Oh Father and Creator, May each one of us grasp tighter to the truth that we are good in your
eyes and may this lead us to love You and to show others Your goodness.