Every Sunday is someone’s first visit at TrueNorth Church. Check out what one person shared about their unchurched family member’s first experience at TrueNorth on Mother’s Day:

“He really enjoyed the environment that TNC offers. He felt welcomed and comfortable. He enjoyed the music and appreciated the enthusiasm that was brought to the message. He made the comment that TNC was definitely not his father’s church. He made the statement during lunch that no matter your beliefs, you can’t help but feel welcomed and loved in the environment that TNC provides and knows people can’t help but be better because of that environment. He┬áplans to drive down and come back to church with me this Sunday!”

This is why we invite people to “come and see”. This is why we create welcoming environments. This is why we strive to do everything with excellence. Because not only is every Sunday someone’s first visit, it may be their first time hearing about Jesus. And hearing about Jesus can lead to a life-changing relationship with Him!

Keep inviting, keep praying and keep being a church that does whatever it takes to share Jesus with everyone!