Post inspired by Gene Jennings’ message ‘What is Your Mission?’  on July 15, 2018.

The Church is the hope of the world, and if we know the world needs Jesus, where do you come into the story?  What is your mission?

It is important to know where you are in your relationship with Christ before sharing Him with others. Do you feel burnout and obligation, or are you enjoying and displaying His greatness?  When we truly enjoy Jesus, being on-mission for Him migrates from being a “have-to” to a heart’s desire.  This is an extension of us delighting in the Lord (Psalm 37:4).

Whether you are enjoying your relationship with Christ or at times feel a disconnect, one way to get to a place of delight is to realize on a regular basis how He transformed your life, and to calibrate yourself with Scripture and His will for you.

Your mission is about displaying God’s greatness.  Most of the time, you can see opportunities to do this where your burdens, passions, and talents meet.  TrueNorth Church has hosted basketball camps and English classes in the Middle East, as well as medical clinics and vacation Bible schools in Guatemala. Maybe you like working on computers and can help a family in need get one up and running to assist with school work, career searches, and paying bills.  Think about what keeps you up at night and start there.

There are approximately 2 billion people in this world who have never heard of Jesus, and it is the Church that has been tasked to make His name known.  How can you help with that?  You can be a “sender” by praying for those reaching these people, providing support, and helping with mobilization.  You can also be a “goer” by being a physical presence on the mission field, locally and/or globally.  Or you can be both!

TrueNorth Church is partnered with many great organizations—as well as full-time missionaries in Australia, Morocco, and around the world—and there are always opportunities for senders and goers available.  You can keep up with what those opportunities are on TrueNorth Church’s Outreach Facebook page here.

There is no one who can be a part of the cause of Christ in the same way you can.  Is that cause enough for you to dig deeper and let Him lead you?