Not long after our daughter was born, my wife and I ventured out with our newborn for a short hike in a nearby state park. The park was right behind our house and I spent a lot of time there, so I was quite familiar with the trail system. It was easy to navigate and it felt very familiar to me. I put on one of those baby carriers in hopes of our baby girl falling asleep while we ventured off into the great and not-so-unknown.

After a few hundred steps and a few dozen warnings of “careful” from my wife, we looked around and noticed something both unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. What felt like the right path seemed to just be the wrong path in disguise.

Have you ever been there? Have you ever found yourself in a place where you thought you made all of the right decisions and took all the right cues only to find yourself alone after a series of missteps?

When we looked around, backtracked a little and discussed where we may have gone wrong, we owned up to the fact that we were lost. A year earlier it wouldn’t have been a problem. We may have even welcomed the excitement of such an adventure, but with a baby in tow, the stakes felt a little higher – especially as first-time parents.

Have you noticed as you get older, the stakes get higher? As responsibility increases, it feels like it becomes more important to make wise decisions and keep ourselves and those who depend on us from harm.

In a moment of quiet, we heard the faint sound of voices and the movement of vehicles at a nearby campground. It was a reassuring feeling knowing that we had a reference point for civilization and that we would eventually make it out of the wilderness!

It’s often in those moments when we decide to be still and quiet that we begin to hear God’s voice most clearly.

“Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take (Proverbs 3:6).”

Seeking God’s will is the most important thing we can do in every moment of our lives. If you find yourself having taken a few missteps, lost in the proverbial wilderness, or as a point of reference to ensure that you are on the right path, take a moment to be still and quiet. The voice of God will guide you out of the unfamiliar.