We can all agree that the first half of this year has been unusual. This is a time of year when parents are often looking through a list of local summer camp opportunities. This is a time of year for families to discuss possibly finding some time to get away to the lake or the beach. This is a time when…we panic!

Panic mode has creeped in because it’s beach season! While this year feels like it has lasted an eternity, ironically, it is July already! Many of us, myself included, are often struck with the desire to look and feel good at the beach. Early morning jogs, a few extra miles on the Greeneway, crunches in the living room, and a more colorful plate of fruits and vegetables help us to reach our goal.

Everyone has different standards and routines and it takes time for individuals to recognize that. While everyone has different standards and goals, we can all agree that striving for better health and wellness is difficult and can take time. But the renewed energy and physical results are very satisfying.

However, for most, being healthy and fit isn’t always our primary, year-round focus. Life gets in the way and our schedules become more and more full. We know the value of positive health and wellness, so we train but our training oftentimes comes in waves.

For while bodily training is of some value… 1 Timothy 4:8
In the books of Timothy, Paul is encouraging and training Timothy to continue in the faith and remain loyal to sound teaching. Paul reminds Timothy there is value to bodily training but there is something even more promising and fulfilling.

… Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. 1 Timothy 4:7-8.

Paul challenges everyone with this word in scripture! If we find value and enjoy the results of training for better health & wellness, why don’t we make it a year-round routine? Even more, if we know and like the results of diving into God’s Word, devotions, fellowship and prayer, why don’t we make godly training more of a routine?

God offers everything to us! We are his greatest investment. We have the opportunity to invest more into spiritual wellness and profit from returns on His investment by living a godly life. This is value worth training for! So, focus on health and wellness, but focus on Christ so much more.