Remember how easy it was as a child to make friends? I’ve watched my own children jump into a neighborhood swimming pool and start talking to the first face that rises to the surface. Before you know it, I’m exchanging phone numbers with another mother and arranging a play date.
Adulthood can make it a little harder to form and maintain friendships that last. Busyness is one excuse we use for not having time for friends so we turn to social media for connection. While social media has its advantages, it is no substitute for a real life interaction.
Fear is another reason we hesitate to pursue a friendship. Fear of rejection. Fear of drama. Fear of being real. What would happen if we stopped being afraid and started being brave?
The children in the pool or on the playground can teach us a valuable lesson. In order to put ourselves out there with child-like confidence, we have to be willing to go first. Send the first text. Knock on the door. Share a story and a cup of coffee. Will it be awkward? Maybe at first. But it will be worth it because God created us for genuine, authentic community with others.