One of the individuals that God has used at TrueNorth is Adam Allen. Adam has been a huge blessing to us over the years in a variety of roles. We recently asked him to join our staff full-time as our Groups Pastor. However, due to certain circumstances, he has resigned.

To understand his heart in this matter, here is some of how Adam explained it to our Journey Group leaders in his own words:

“As some of you know, the past few weeks aside, I’ve invested a great deal of time and energy into the field of behavioral science working with individuals with autism. Something that I’m equally as passionate about as I am the people of our church.

When Kadie and I were initially presented with coming on board as the Groups Pastor at TrueNorth, we were overwhelmed with the possibility of merging my two passions. My heart for our church is so big and being able to step into a pastoral position in heading up another big piece of my heart, i.e., small groups, was mind blowing. But considering our family’s future, and with the guidance of our own lead staff, Kadie and I know it’s best for us, and also for TrueNorth, for me to step into a full-time position as a Behavioral Analyst.

I’m sorry that a decision to step out of this pastoral role comes so quickly after choosing to accept it. I’m a little embarrassed by this timeline, but I am just not willing to let my pride be any type of stumbling block of all the good that is coming our way.”

Adam has been an incredible volunteer in the past and we know he will continue to do so even though he will not be a part of our staff team. We are blessed to have him as part of our church family!

We wish him only the best as he seeks God’s will for this season in his life. Our prayer for Adam is that he will continue to make an impact on the Kingdom of God in his new endeavors. Please pray for Adam and Kadie.

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