A contemporary retelling of Psalm 23

The shepherd meets every need I’ve ever had. I’ve never been without and I’ll never meet a need that He doesn’t stand ready to provide.

The shepherd knows when I need to rest. He leads me into pastures of green where the quiet whisper of His voice is all I hear. The constant movement of the wind through the trees nearby makes a beautiful song.

The shepherd walks with me beside a gentle stream and along a path. He knows it well and it seems to be a familiar symbol that reminds me of His presence. Comforting and calm, but also moving and meaningful.

The valley is deep and it’s dark. Each time I arrive I get here differently. Sometimes I arrive in a hurry like falling into a pit and then sometimes I slide in as though I lost my footing on the gravel of a hill. I may be on my way in or on my way out, but as I walk in this unknown space the shepherd is up ahead with a rod and staff and I can feel safe knowing He is there to protect me.

Hungry and tired and in the presence of those who want only the worst for me, I don’t see the enemies face to face. I see them from my seat at the table. A table prepared for me by my shepherd. I belong here as an anointed child of God, with an abundant spread, lavish and plentiful beyond my needs.

Overwhelmed by His presence and His gift of provision, I know that He will always give me what I need. In the valley, He leads me well. In my hunger, I’ll never be far from the table. In my thirst, I’ll always be near the stream. When I feel alone or as though I’m in enemy territory, I need not look far to find my seat. He is a good shepherd and I will never be outside of His presence.