In light of the recent additions of Zach Williams as Volunteer Director, Shane Williams will begin a new position at TrueNorth as Pastor of Ministries.  We have been planning this move for Shane since late last fall. During that time our Elders and Lead Staff at TrueNorth spent a great deal of time with a consultant looking at our staff and our systems and structure.  We have grown by a 1,000 people since our move into our current building a few years ago and we’ve outgrown our current structure.  There was a need to add some more layers to our organization so that our staff would not just be “working in” the ministries but “working on” those ministries for future growth at TrueNorth.

Shane is very excited about this transition. He will be leading our ministry leaders that oversee TrueKidz, Element Students, Volunteers and Small Groups.  During the next year, he will also be researching and developing a leadership pipeline strategy that we can implement at TrueNorth that would allow for greater development of lay leaders throughout the ministries of our church. It’s our desire to see each attender become a follower of Jesus that uses their gifts and abilities to impact the world through the ministry of TrueNorth Church.

As your Pastor, I’m thrilled with these new developments knowing these changes will further enable us to connect people into community through small groups at TrueNorth. It also allows us to continue to grow our ministries with the effectiveness that lifts up Jesus so that all may be drawn to Him. We continue to move forward knowing the best is yet to come at TrueNorth!

Steve Davis

Lead Pastor