One of my greatest passions is traveling. I love adventure and discovering and experiencing a new culture and place. If I’m not traveling, I’m usually planning a party, an event or fun outing with friends or family. I tend to go all-in for every holiday, even the non-official ones like National Doughnut Day. On World Nutella Day I ate nutella at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My family calls me “extra.” I call it fun.

This zest for life can be a double-edged sword. When I am planning to travel or to celebrate or even planning an event for work, I enjoy it to the fullest, but when I’m not, everyday life can feel very dull at times.

One year ago this week, my life (and yours) was altered. With the beginning of the pandemic we could no longer travel, gather with friends, or go to church. All the things I found enjoyment in, I was suddenly no longer able to do.

I read my journal that I wrote when the pandemic began and was reminded of how God re-shaped my thinking in those early months and how I learned to enjoy life on a greater level on those ordinary days when we were stuck at home.

God works in the mundane, in the ordinary. We can look at the Bible as an example. Though so much of it is filled with extraordinary acts of God, it also shows the ordinary, everyday moments, even of Jesus. Jesus spent time cooking breakfast for his disciples on the beach, and on another occasion the Bible records him sleeping on a boat.

Well, after all, Jesus chose ordinary people to do his extraordinary work. He chose disciples that were familiar with manual labor and elevated their jobs. They were no longer just fishermen, but fishers of men. God takes the ordinary tasks of spending time with our children, cooking for our families, caring for our neighbors, and makes it holy, eternal work.

We can find comfort in ordinary days when life may seem dull to know that whatever we do can bring God glory, and that even the simplest acts can make a difference when we do them in Jesus’ name!

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31