On Sunday, Surgeon General Jerome Adams claimed this was going to be one of the saddest and hardest weeks in American history. He compared these dark times to what we faced during Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

This is also Holy week, a time when Christians across the globe remember and reflect on the darkest time in history when our Savior Jesus was beaten, broken, and put on a cross to die a painful death for each of us. All seemed lost in those hours on Friday and Saturday.

Wherever you are and whatever you are feeling in these unprecedented times, a message of hope is available to you.

You see, Friday wasn’t the end of Jesus’ story. It was just the beginning. On Sunday, when Mary Magdalene came to the tomb, she saw that death had been defeated. (John 20:1) She couldn’t actually believe it at first, thinking someone must have taken her Lord’s body. Then Jesus, in his earthly form, came to her revealing the secret of the empty tomb. His body was his and his alone, not taken, but risen, fully alive! (John 20:14-17).

This message of hope, of the empty grave, and the promise of heaven began to spread across the globe, across generations, across centuries. Here we are today in another dark time in history, but hope is rising.

This Sunday we celebrate the victory of our Risen Savior, and though we will not be celebrating Easter in buildings together, the body of Christ will be gathering across the globe online. People are predicting an Easter celebration that more people will experience than ever before due to easy access.

Think about that! This pandemic has occurred in a time when the power to connect with one another is unlike any other era before. Jesus, “our living hope,” will be celebrated and shared this Sunday, bringing strength and peace to our weary souls.

“…the angels said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!” Luke 24:5-6b

We invite you to join us on online at 10am on Sunday, April 12 for Easter with TrueNorth. You can find our service on the TrueNorth app, Facebook page, YouTube or website. The replay will be available to you 24/7 if you can’t join us at 10am!