“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” – John Wooden

What is your platform? In what area do you find yourself having influence? We all have an area of influence, but the way we use it to impact people is what matters.

Recently, I returned from a trip to Central America with a team of approximately 20 people. Our mission was to establish four days of medical clinics in surrounding villages of Guatemala. My team consisted of males and females, ranging in age from elementary school to retired. We had teachers, owners of companies, nurses and physician assistants on our team. But there was one leader that stood out the most.

Dorothy Kate recently returned from her second trip to Guatemala. Prior to our trip, I was told by a family member that Dorothy Kate just celebrated her 7th birthday and all she asked to receive for her birthday were hair bows and hair ties for girls in Guatemala.

Dorothy Kate arrived each morning at our medical clinic ready to work. Dorothy Kate and a few other ladies would arrange an area, often times in direct sunlight, to set up a beautification station. Dorothy Kate would serve young girls and their mothers by painting nails, washing and braiding hair, and washing feet. Also, during one day of doing construction at a local school, you could witness her shoveling and carry buckets of gravel.

Dorothy Kate wasn’t a vocal leader. Dorothy wasn’t the strongest nor did she have the best training. Dorothy Kate led with a heart of service. A leader doesn’t abuse their power, but rather works alongside a team towards one common goal.

“For I have given you an example, that you also should do just I have done to you. ” John 13:15

Leadership requires a servant heart and Jesus was quick to demonstrate this first-hand to the men closest to him. The last dinner Jesus had before his arrest and taking the cross upon his shoulder to show the world the love of God, he continued serving his people. Jesus served his people by washing their feet and then drying their feet with the clothes on his back.

I encourage and remind you, as Jesus lead by example, our motivation to leadership and the platform we stand on should be driven by a heart of service.

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