The past few years I’ve become an avid bike rider on the Greeneway that runs through the community of North Augusta.  The beautiful paved trail is about six or seven miles from Bergen Road to The River Golf Club downtown.  It’s a wonderful treasure in the community of North Augusta.

During a recent workout, I extended my ride down the entrance road into The River Golf Club that runs parallel with the par 5 18th hole. As I was riding by the final hole, I saw a woman hit a beautiful 150-yard approach shot into the green. The ball landed about 5 feet from the hole.  As the ball landed, I could see her excitement! She had a big smile and threw up both hands as if she were a football referee signaling that the field goal was good. Unfortunately, she was alone.  There was no one to celebrate this magnificent shot with her.  She was unaware that I was passing by, so I shouted, “Great shot!” and waved as I passed by.  She lit up like a Christmas tree and waved vigorously knowing that someone was sharing the moment with her.  Moments like these are meant to be celebrated.

Can you imagine last week’s Masters winner, Patrick Reed, making the final putt on the 18th green at Augusta National and picking up the ball without any applause? He then walks alone to the clubhouse to receive his Green Jacket and upon walking in he finds it hanging on the desk in the Pro Shop with a note, “Congrats. Your check is in the mail. See you next year at The Masters.”  That kind of response would change the whole experience. The celebration magnifies the moment and it’s meant to be shared with others. 

We are a creation made for celebration.  Without a circle to celebrate with, life just isn’t the same.  Every day we are given opportunities to bless others by celebrating with them. It might be a child’s first step, a promotion at work, a good grade or a great golf shot. All are moments to be celebrated. The Scriptures encourage us to,

“Celebrate with those who are celebrating…” (Romans 12:15).

When we choose to share in the joy of those moments with others, our blessing blesses us. What we intended to give to others in that moment, God gives back to us.  The elation of celebration fills the heart of the giver and the receiver with the jubilation God intended for our lives to experience together. Each day is an invitation for celebration. Be on the lookout for something to celebrate today!