I was reading an article in the Augusta Chronicle this week about the growing number of Americans dealing with fatigue. People of all ages are tired! The article cites a variety of factors with one of those being social media. The article states,“Yes, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can wear you out.”

During the past three weeks at TrueNorth we’ve been upacking the challenges of merging faith and technology in our INSTAMACY series. You can check out the series @ truenorthchurch.com. We’ve discussed the upside of leveraging social media to bless others and influence the Kingdom of God, while discussing some downsides that shape how we see ourselves and how we relate to God and others. I believe it has been EYE OPENING for many!!!

This Sunday I CAN’T WAIT to share the final message in this series. I really believe it’s the most IMPORTANT message of the series. There is a SOLUTION to FINDING REST on the merry-go-round of work, activity, technology and social media. God wants you to find rest and we are going to discover how on Sunday. I encourage you to BE THERE, and bring a TIRED friend with you. It’s going to be an inspiring day of TRANSFORMATION at TRUENORTH!!!