She’s eleven years old now. How did that happen? She was a baby in my arms while I sang her to sleep. She was the littlest hand I held while crossing the street. She was the tiniest ballerina dancing on stage, the fairytale princess in my lap turning the page. I swear those toddler years seemed long back then, but now it just feels like I blinked and she was ten. Middle school, here we come! Have I shown her what’s most important? She can study, play piano, and make good grades. She can cook, clean, and be a good friend. She knows her Bible and how to pray. How do we teach our kids to walk with God every day?

“Be very careful, then, how you live, not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity” Ephesians 5:15-16

My daughter growing up is a reminder for me to seize the day, not just in her life, but in my own life with the time God has given me. I find myself thinking, “What Big thing can I do to make a difference for God? What Big legacy can I leave of His amazing story of grace?

Then I find it is in all the small daily things that reflect traces of His glory. It is the dinner we cook for those we love, the friend we stop to pray for, the child we hug and listen to their day, and the phone call mid-day to a spouse just to say, “I love you.” Do these tasks really matter? Does this part of my day bring glory to God?

One person can do the most menial job and it becomes set apart. It changes because they allow “God Space”, room for Jesus to do the work through them. Maybe it’s being a mom, a student, or working in a profession that many people have. Jesus himself changed everything when he became human. He lived, died, and was resurrected in our skin. The most common tasks became holy because He walked in them with His Father. Where can we allow God to walk with us? How can we model that for our children today? We don’t have to do something Big in our own eyes for God to do something eternally great through us in His eyes. He wants to use us right where we are and let that change everything.

How can we walk with God today in the simplest task and bring him glory now? Today we have 1,440 minutes to use. I hope my daughter has seen me walk with God in the little things because it’s all those little things that make a Big difference in our lives for His glory.