My husband Alan and I, along with our three children, were one of the original families that helped launch TrueNorth Church in 2004. As opening day approached, our pastor Steve Davis asked the core group to send letters to at least four people in our circles of influence who did not have a church home and invite them to TrueNorth. 

My first reaction was, “Everyone I know goes to church.” At least I thought they did until Alan and I began to brainstorm and our list of names quickly grew from zero to thirteen. These were friends, neighbors, coworkers, and people we knew through school activities. How had we not realized before that so many people we knew did not have a church home? Were we so caught up in ourselves that we were unaware of the opportunities in front of us to reach out to others?

We crafted our thirteen letters very carefully. The last thing we wanted to do was pressure or offend anyone. The letters were mailed and we waited to see what God would do.  

God was faithful as always. Some of the thirteen checked out TrueNorth immediately. Within the first year, all thirteen had attended. Many of them are still with us almost fourteen years later. 

Maybe it’s true when they say, “If you invite them, they will come.”

Surveys indicate that 82 percent of the unchurched are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to attend church if they are invited.

The possibilities of someone coming to church are outstanding, especially in this season as we approach Easter Sunday in less than two weeks.

Is there someone you can invite to your church this Easter? Maybe it’s someone you know well or someone you haven’t even met yet. Keep in mind that there is no perfect method for inviting, so don’t overcomplicate it. You could invite them in person, write a note, make a phone call, send a text or invite them through social media. Better yet, you could also offer for them to sit with you. 

Be sensitive to the people and opportunities God puts in your path these next couple of weeks. Your invitation could be all it takes for someone to experience and respond to the transforming power of the love of Jesus Christ this Easter.