TrueNorth Church is hosting the Global Leadership Summit on August 9-10. If you want to make a positive impact and create change in your environment or community, then here are some reasons why attending GLS may need to be on your calendar.

1. Leaders are learners. 

Are you a leader? If you’re not too sure, the answer is “yes”. Many of us feel that if we aren’t the boss or a person with a significant title, then we aren’t a leader. The reality is, that if you have influence over another person, then you are a leader. Anyone who is a parent, coach, business owner, employee or volunteer can become a better leader through GLS. When a leader gets better, everyone gets better.

2. The speakers are world-class.

GLS brings together a diverse blend of speakers who are invested in your growth as a leader. The practical insight they offer is based on their own experiences as leaders. Get ready to be inspired like never before! See the full lineup.

3. It is an opportunity to network.

Connecting with other leaders is essential. Having conversations and sharing insight can help stretch you or affirm you. During lunch and breaks you will have the chance to meet others who share your same struggles and wins. We are always better when we are together.

4. Personal renewal is essential.

You’re tired. We get that. Step away from the emails, phone calls and to-do lists for a couple of days so that you can focus on taking yourself and those you lead to the next level. You are going to leave refreshed, recharged and ready to put those light bulb moments into action.

5. TrueNorth is rolling out the red carpet.

At TrueNorth we strive for excellence in everything we do! Hosting the Global Leadership Summit is no exception as we were honored to be recognized as a Top-Rated Summit Site in 2017. Our staff is ready to serve you and ensure you have a great experience during GLS. We can’t wait to meet you!

Global Leadership Summit has something for everyone and it’s not too late to register!