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Together we will walk through the entire New Testament in 2021. Our plan is designed so that you only read one chapter during the week and a short selection from Psalms or Proverbs on the weekends. Our hope is to foster a daily encounter with God, both individually and as a church family, while enjoying one of the greatest gifts we have, God’s Word.

Follow along with TrueNorth’s Bible Reading Plan

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How to Maximize Your Bible Reading Time

We want you to get the most out of the TrueNorth Daily Bible Reading Plan in 2021. Use the acronym, R.E.A.P., to help you maximize your time in the Bible. As you set about to read each day’s passage, keep the following things in mind:

R – Read
You’ll not only begin your time reading the Bible but first prepare your heart and mind with a simple prayer. “Lord, here I am. Speak to me today.”

E – Examine
Make sure to notice the context of the passage you’re reading. Who is talking? Who are they talking to and what about? Don’t forget the basics: who, what, where, when, why, and how. Then finally, what did I learn?

A – Apply
Ask God to show you how this passage of Scripture applies to your life. How does God want me to live differently based on what I’ve read? Write the specific scripture verse and application for your life that day in a journal.

P – Pray
Don’t forget God is with you. As you read His Word, view your time as a conversation instead of a monologue. God speaks through the Bible, but as in any conversation, communication and understanding occur in the context of a back and forth dialogue.

Book Overviews

Like most of us, you want and know you need to read the Bible. But sometimes it’s challenging to understand and see how it all fits together. As we continue on our 2021 Bible Reading Plan together, we will be publishing a brief overview of each book. In less than 5 minutes you will have a quick grasp of what you will be reading, who wrote it, and why it was written. Our desire is that it helps you know your Bible better and get more out of your time in it. You can access the overviews below.
Luke Overview

Acts Overview

1 Timothy Overview

2 Timothy Overview

Titus Overview

Philemon Overview

Mark Overview

1 Peter Overview

2 Peter Overview

Galatians Overview

1 Thessalonians Overview

2 Thessalonians Overview

Philippians Overview

Colossians Overview

Ephesians Overview

Hebrews Overview

James Overview

Matthew Overview

Romans Overview

1 Corinthians Overview

2 Corinthians Overview

Jude Overview

1 John Overview

2 John Overview

3 John Overview

John Overview

Revelation Overview




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