I am a huge fan of summer. It brings so many opportunities to recharge after a whirlwind year of work and school. My family enjoys summer to the fullest. We plant a garden. We grill out. We rest. We play. We vacation. We staycation. We make memories. And we daydream about them throughout the next year.

Is that bad? To enjoy resting and getting away? The answer is no. Jesus actually encourages it in Mark 6:31 (NIV):

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Jesus knew what it was like to work to a level of exhaustion that could only be cured by rest. When we are physically, mentally and spiritually burned out, we are less effective in our work and our relationships suffer as well. Our bodies were created for both work and rest and we need to find a healthy balance.

Taking time for rest may mean time away from work and school but it doesn’t mean time away from God. It is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with Him and to let Him recharge your soul. I know that when I am able to escape and rest, I am reminded of God’s creativity as I explore the world around me. This helps fuel ideas and creativity in my own life as I experience more of Him.

So go ahead and give yourself permission to take it easy every chance you get this summer. Plan a getaway that fits your lifestyle, schedule, and budget. Allow Jesus to refresh your spirit so that you can get back to doing good work.