Have you ever felt that God was asking you to do something and you really didn’t like what he was saying? I remember one particular moment in my life when I heard God speaking to me very clearly. Not audibly, but internally. I was getting ready to take dinner to my friend Melanie who was recovering from cancer surgery. I had a few minutes before I needed to leave my house so I decided to play the piano while I waited. During that time God told me to pray with Melanie when I went to her house.

Seriously? Can’t I just take a meal, give her a hug and leave? Our friendship is new and I don’t really know where she is at spiritually. What if she thinks it’s…weird?

I had never prayed over someone like this before and I was not planning on this being the first time. So I decided to play the piano louder.

God continued to whisper over my aggressive piano playing. Apparently ignoring him doesn’t work. My heart was racing and my palms began sweating.

That’s when I knew I had to do it.

That experience ignited a very close friendship between Melanie and me. It also provided the opportunity for me over time to invite Melanie to church and to our small group. Worship, fellowship, and serving became important parts of her life. Through the years she would occasionally refer back to that day in her kitchen and she would thank me for the awkward moment that was a catalyst for her renewed relationship with Jesus.

Forgive me, Lord, for almost saying no.

When God speaks and asks us to do something that means he is ready to move. We might not know what he is up to, but it is something good. Instead of questioning and resisting, we should run courageously toward whatever he has asked. Maybe we will get to witness a miracle in someone’s life. Maybe it will lead to a miracle in our own life!