This morning TrueNorth staff gathered with tired bodies and happy hearts as we reflected on the many victories and joys of Easter weekend. Here are just a few of the highlights:

We celebrated over 30 decisions of people who responded and prayed to receive Jesus during the services!

We were amazed at the commitment of the ARMY of TrueNorth Volunteer Staff that gave so many hours on Saturday evening and Sunday morning to create welcoming, energetic and safe environments. There’s no doubt, TrueNorth Volunteers ARE SPECIAL PEOPLE!

We praised God for the young families who brought over 700 children to TrueKidz to hear that JESUS is RISEN!

We rejoiced at the record number of 4,700 people who joined us Easter weekend. People were everywhere Saturday night and Sunday morning!

Most of all we thanked God for the freshness of His presence in every Easter service. We worshiped, we sang, we experienced a life-changing story, and we were reminded that despite life’s disappointments our resurrected Jesus is pursuing us with His intense and unconditional love. What a God…What a Savior…What an Easter!