This past weekend we had two friends stay with us from Illinois who had secured tickets for the final round of the Masters. They arrived late in the evening on Saturday from a long day of travel and I expected them to be quite tired. However, that wasn’t the case. They were brimming with excitement and expectation for their visit to Augusta National on Masters Sunday. As a matter of fact, they could hardly contain themselves as they talked about their first visit to the hallowed grounds of golf heaven. It was all we could do to get them to go to bed.

They were up early Sunday before I had the opportunity to wish them well. As I watched golf’s greatest tournament unfold on Sunday afternoon with Jim Nantz and the CBS crew, I couldn’t help but wonder how these two guys were enjoying their day. As the dust settled on the new champion Sergio Garcia, my two friends arrived back at our place. They were like two giddy school boys who had just seen the new cute girl at school. The sparkle in their eyes and the joy in their voices captivated my attention as they shared the highlights of their day. It was a day they would never forget!

As we look forward to celebrating Easter Sunday, this experience caused me to think about the joy and excitement that we should have as we gather to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus at our local churches. Do we carry that same expectation to worship our Savior who brought us from death to life? What stories can we tell of his transforming power in our lives and the lives of others as a result of His grace and forgiveness? Is it possible that we have forgotten the wondrous glory of His unconditional love and sacrifice? Does it move our hearts like it once did? My prayer for each of us this Easter is that we might experience the exuberance of Mary Magdalene who after having seen the risen Christ declared to the other disciples, “I saw the Master!” May we be captivated once again by the glorious love and wonder of our Savior and Lord! Happy Easter!

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