One of the most popular questions that I’ve been asked by people of all ages at various levels of faith is, “How can I know when God is speaking to me?” I’ve been asked this question by people who have followed Christ for many years, as well as those who are new Christ followers. It’s a normal question particularly when we have some difficult decisions on the horizon and we want to know God’s will or direction.

As we continue our journey in Chapter 10 of The Story this Sunday, we will discover some significant ways that can help us clarify how God speaks to us. Your Heavenly Father wants you to hear Him as He speaks. Don’t miss it! The scriptures have much to teach us!

Sunday we will also be CELEBRATING many people who have obeyed God’s leading and will be DUNK’D!!! Currently, 44 people of all ages will be baptized this Sunday at one of our two morning services!!!! We are so EXCITED about each of those who will be going public with their FAITH IN JESUS!!! DUNK’D SUNDAYS are my favorite Sundays of the year!!! I CAN’T WAIT!

Be sure to MOVE YOUR CLOCK FORWARD 1 HOUR Saturday night (DST) so you won’t be late Sunday! Of course if you are late, you can attend THE FIVE Sunday night! We’ve got you covered! FAT MAN’S Food Truck will be with us this Sunday night after THE FIVE providing food for your family at a reasonable rate. It’s going to be another SPECIAL SUNDAY at TRUENORTH! I look forward to sharing it with you!